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When Fisheye Creative Solutions Pvt Ltd asked us to come up with a green design scheme for a newly launched brand, we were thrilled. To bring sustainability into the mainstream retail arena was as exciting as it was daunting. Therefore we dove in.

The scheme incorporated an industrially produced Bamboo mat Board into the fixed display shelving and into a couple of the Gondolas. This formed a high percentage of the materials used in the making of every WROGN Shop-in-shop. This material was incorporated along with metal and copper coloured laminates to create a young, rough-at-the-edges kind of appeal.

Apart from revealing the textures of the Bamboo mat board in the aesthetic of the design, the brand's quirkiness and vision to turn the world upside down (in a manner of speaking) influenced the design. This warranted us to introduce a high degree of youthfulness. The minute you stepped into a WROGN SiS you would immediately have your view skewed by the controlled chaos that the design scheme introduced. The shelving, and gondolas seemed to defy gravity, and seemed to turn the world of SISs around. 

The WROGN SiS was set up in over 55 locations across the country in a multitude of configurations. 


Shop in Shop design


Pan India,

55 locations plus


Design : Dec 2015

Construction : 55 stores completed by March 2016

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