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The site was an architect's dream (read extremely challenging), with four large rocky shelves,  descending from north to south, over this half acre plot. Quite naturally, the house was imagined as three distinct blocks over the rocky outcrops, with an interconnecting gallery forming the level changing vestibule between the blocks. 

A large water catchment was placed to the south with the house dramatically overlooking this catchment.  An overhead tank atop a bamboo tank structure was placed to the north, in the upper reaches to provide water via gravity.

The house type was simple, with two parallel stone masonry walls to the east and west, running north-south forming the entry foyers/toilet blocks, or exits to courts. The north and south facades were a number of reclaimed timber glazed openable and fixed windows and doors which converted this house into primarily a space shaded by a roof. The stone masonry complemented and took form from the rocky site itself. 


Random stone masonry walls, Bamboo columns and roof structure


Denkanikotai, Tamil Nadu


Design : July 2012

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