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As an architectural practice we have journeyed through both Urban and Rural landscapes, engaging with individuals and institutions, designing for both the privileged and the not so fortunate. Through these endeavours we have partnered with people and institutions to create built environments that are sustainable, environmentally responsible, and socially relevant. 

At IGH we traverse both these worlds of the Urban and the Rural aiming to address the stresses that building activity exerts on our environment, through contextually appropriate building technologies and activities to build skills and livelihoods.

For us at IGH, sustainability within the built-environment is an imperative. While we study and adapt traditional architectural and construction systems, we are mindful that the solutions should be utilitarian and contemporary; durable yet low in their ecological footprint; and invariably cost-effective. We strongly believe in creating solutions that emerge from and belong to the context and are not alien implants that aim at merely assigning a 'green title'. In the bargain we seek to develop communities which attempt to reduce their ecological footprint and add value to a lifestyle which is both meaningful and prudent.


At ‘Initiative for Green Habitats’ we believe that people, and not technology alone, are at the centre of all sustainable development. It is the collective endeavour of each of us that can ensure our long term sustenance.


Primarily an architectural design firm, IGH  provides  consultancy, works on new technologies & products and creates truly sustainable architecture. IGH  offers sustainable design services covering architecture, water, energy and waste for homes, communities , institutions, hospitality, office, and retail environments. 

The consultancy revolves around an architectural practice that specialises in core sustainable architecture.  Apart from low embodied energy building technologies and systems, our design strategy also covers rain & water management  and wet and dry waste systems.

IGH takes up Project Mgmt. Services on special projects on a case to case basis.

IGH also conducts training on earth and bamboo based technologies.


Harsha Sridhar


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