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This was an exercise of crunch turnaround times. We (Fisheye Creative Solutions Pvt Ltd and IGH) had an afternoon to come up with a design solution to impress the promoters of the WROGN apparel brand. Even though we at IGH do not carry any experience or associate with this industry, our quick burst iterations with the Fisheye team seemed to pay off, and our ideas landed home. 

A quick set of construction information was provided to the events team, the event venue was put together over three nights and the brand launched a week later. 

The atmosphere that the design created for the brand took a quick reading of the WROGN brand itself and integrated the young, breakway fashion statement with the industrial setting of the mill structure in Mumbai that was the venue for this event 


Shop in Shop design


Pan India,

55 locations plus


Design and Construction : November 2014

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