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Set ion a 1 acre farm, this house was located on the southwest corner of the site, leaving the remaining land available for the permaculture activities of the client. It was also the corner with a sheet rock in the vicinity and below, reducing foundation costs.

The house was modelled on traditional rural architecture of the region, and had simple gable roofs over two blocks supported on bamboo trusses which in turn rested on bamboo columns and rammed earth walls that ran in an east-west direction leaving those directions open for deep light penetration. 

Reclaimed timber doors opened into fore and rear courts completely opening out the innards of the house to the exteriors, making any barriers to the outdoors redundant.The east side courts also served as drying yards for agri produce.

The house was designed to be built in phases.


Rammed earth walls, and Bamboo roof farmhouse


Denkanikotai, Tamil Nadu


Design : Feb 2013

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