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The Lawrence Farmhouse was a an exercise of finding a building type that was appropriate for this region. Taking cues from rural architecture still visible in this region, rammed earth was chosen as the primary material. Since this region was also known for its granite, a splash of this was used to offset the earthen walls. The structure was designed as a true hybrid with these load bearing masonry walls supplemented by bamboo columns also aiding in supporting a bamboo roof. The roofs themselves were designed to support an earthen green roof. Edge glazed portions covered the verandahs. 

The building was designed on a hillock (chosen for the location of the farmhouse and overlooking the rest of the farm) as a set of induvidual blocks containing the habitable spaces, connected through open galleries with bamboo galleries, and stone masonry nodes at every junction. these galleries formed the spine of this building and followed the contours of the hillock. 

Most roofs faced south to take advantage of solar gain.


Rammed earth, Stone and Bamboo roof farmhouse


Denkanikotai, Tamil Nadu


Design : Feb 2013

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