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The Driver's accommodation was designed and built as a prototype of the main building unit of the main farmhouse. The structure has a similar rammed earth and stone masonry walls, bamboo columns and a bamboo roof.

All the door and window frames use reclaimed Neem wood. The flooring is a raised floor, with jack arch roofing panels (using 1.5 inch thick stabilised adobe infill blocks) over RCC T-beams. A polished Tandur stone floor was laid over this. A think concrete screed was laid over left-in-place shuttering plywood, on which reused Mangalore tiles (sourced by the client) was laid. 

All the bamboo was sourced in Bangalore and treated (using the soaking method) at site. A local fabricator in Denkanikotai town made the MS gusset plates and shoes for the columns. 

A rammed earth water tank structure was built at the rear to hold up a HDPE water tank. 


Rammed earth, Stone and Bamboo roof structure


Denkanikotai, Tamil Nadu


Design : Jan 2014

Construction : Dec 2014

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