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This was an exiting project to work on, despite it being very small in size. Mr Nair wanted a solution to solve the growing water crisis in his neighbourhood in the north of Bangalore, and we had the opportunity to pitch an idea to him. He accepted. 

The plan was simple. Store, as much of the roof rainwater (post first flush and filtering), treat and reuse all of the grey water to meet his large landscape irrigation (and his flushing), and recharge all of the rainwater that falls on his site, beyond the built. 

The proposal to do all this took the shape of a landscape plan... which saw the laying out of the rainwater and greywater treatment tank apparatus towards the east side of the large emply half of his plot. We integrated appropriate reed plants, that we sourced from a local tank that was nearby, into the reed bed portion of his grey water treatment.  We could not integrate the treated grey water for plumbing as we were invited when most of this plumbing work was already done, and tiled over.

Nearly 4 Lakh litres of water that feel onto his site (beyond the built was recharged, along with any excess roof rianwater). A system of percolation trenches and recharge pits were incporated into the landscape which handled this volume. A portion of the surface water was recirculated from a mini stepped well positioned in the centre of the empty plot area, and used to create a cascade over the driver's accommodation. 

The roof rainwater, approximately 1.6 Lakh litres, was stored and reused for domestic use. We added a separate rainwater tank in addition to his existing sump, totalling about 16,000 litres. 

We also identified water saving fixtures for faucets, showers and flushes that could potentially save up to 1.9 Lakh litres of water per year.


Comprehensive sustainable water planning for a residence





Design : Oct 2010

Construction : RWH and greywater treatment works completed by Jan 2010

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