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This was amongst our earliest design projects, and we absolutely were delighted that we had gotten such an opportunity to work on a project that meant far more than just a tick on our portfolio. This project allowed us to explore how architecture could serve and contribute to a section of us who are in the fringes - children with multiple disabilities. 

We understood what secure living meant to these children, and created a design that allowed them exploration and integration with the outdoors without causing a nightmare for the caregivers, the house parents. 

This was the third structure in this campus in South Bangalore, and we endeavoured to interweave the spirit and culture of the patrons into this design. 

Rammed earth walls, ferrocement roofs, precast shelving and bamboo screens enveloped the inner spaces. Two outdoor yet internal courts allowed for the occupants to step out into the sun, when the house parent was not around, making their task easier. A large dramatic roof sloped down towards the northwest, over the large common hall, which also served as a meditation and yoga room, entertainment room, and as a dining room. 


Master planning,

Rammed Earth Residential Building design





Design : March 2010

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