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Joe and Sappna had bought a 'villa', as these real estate offerings are erroneously called, in East Bangalore. The building was a conventional developer built building within a gated community. The house was amongst a row of independent houses along the entry vista of the development and had an identical elevation and aesthetic as all the other buildings there. 

Adhering to the strict rules of elevation control (at least along the front facade), we set about modifying the house, changing most of the inner walls. We had to involve a structural engineer to whet some of these changes and to recommend structural specs for freshly introduced beams and lintels. Two rooms with attached toilets for their two children were introduced where there was only one, a studio was introduced where there was none, and upper lofts were introduced utilising the extra high volume under the sloped roofs of the first floor. Fixed large span windows were modified to large sliding/folding doors, and external decks created to the east (as a spill over area from the living, dining and entertainment room), and to the south (opening from the guest bedroom). 

A large 50 kl rainwater harvesting tank was introduced with a first flush filter. this was dovetailed into the hydropneumatic main water supply system. All fresh timber work for doors, windows, false ceilings and floors were done in reclaimed teak. Athangudi tiles replaced the earlier patchy mix of marble and ceramic tiles. A maid's room, and store were introduced behind the garage space, and an external utlity shelf created along the west side setback.  A Solar hot-water system was incorporated over a hidden portion of the sloped roof . 


Remodel of existing independent house


Bangalore, Karnataka


Design: Oct 2014

Construction: Completed in Sept 2015

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