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This structure was made as the main institutional facility for the bamboo treatment and fabrication centre for F.E.E.D.S (click here for more).

The structure is essentially a large free span structure with a set of large bamboo portals rising from the ground and supporting the roofing purlins above. The inner divisions are done only to separate the various sections of the centre - the raw bamboo processing, the treatment sections, the drying and the component fabrication sections. 

An mezzanine deck is created above the drying section, where an office for the centre will come up. A plinth tie beam connects all the RCC base stubs. Several horizontal tie bamboo members tie the main structure at several levels, in addition with a cross bracing in the vertical and horizontal structure to additionally stiffen the structure. These seismic resilient features ensure that this building provides a secure work space for the artisans of F.E.E.D.S in this highest of Seismic Zones (V).


Large span bamboo structure


Nongbah Myrdon, Meghalaya


Design : March 2018

Construction: Under construction

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