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A rammed earth structure with a bamboo roof, this house takes inspiration from traditional structures that dot the rural landscape of south Karnataka and incorporates what life would be if one lived under a tree!

All the earth in construction came from the same site, where a large 30KL rainwater tank was constructed under the parking. Two large span bamboo roofs cover most of the first floor. Large reclaimed timber folding and sliding doors open up the house to the outside... one truly doesn't feel like one is cloistered within four walls. 

The house is a twin house, with the parents living below and the son and daughter-in law occupying the upper floor. Their combined studio for the architect (son)and filmmaker (daughter-in-law) is on the second floor.

The building generates all its power through roof top solar PV panels, and is designed to recirculate its grey water for irrigation and flushing.


Rammed Earth and Bamboo Twin Residence


Bangalore, Karnataka


Design : June 2016

Construction : Completed in March 2018

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