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The Chicken coop design was a response to a conventional alternative suggested by the administration for the construction of these structures. The chicken coop design follows sustainability principles using locally available and treated bamboo (we have used Bambusa Hamiltoni for these structures), and CSEB blocks using the red clayey soil, made by locally youth trained by F.E.E.D.S (click here for more). intermittent split bamboo panels provided in between the columns are used along with panels of chicken mesh in split bamboo frames. A bamboo framed door with split bamboos is fixed at a single entry point.

The design does not depart from the basic dimensions suggested, and is built within the cost of Rs 28,000/- which is provided as a grant to rural families to build these structures. There is a great possibility that this amount won't suffice if the structure was built using conventional methods like RCC columns, tie bands and brick sill height infill walls as suggested by the administration.

The structure incorporates into the design seismic resilient features and is perhaps more secure than many of the conventionally built houses in rural Meghalaya.


Bamboo structure with CSEB toe walls




Design : March 2017

Construction: 7 coops built so far

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