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This campus and its' buildings is an ambitious development set within the North Eastern Hill University Campus in Shillong, Meghalaya. It has been designed to demonstrate the use of structural bamboo and soil based construction technologies in the construction of a Government institution... the first to do so. 

As the name suggests the campus is essentially a one stop destination for all to access various appropriate and sustainable technologies for rural and urban uses. The campus essentially, has one main office building of the Technology Resource Centre, TRC, and five Technology Demonstration Workshops, TDW. While the TRC building is a double storeyed structure with a central office space, classroom and AV room, the TDW buildings are single storeyed with a large multipurpose space for physically displaying the equipment, and showcase their operation.

Each building is provided with an additional court to the south (taking advantage of the low angle sun in winters) for external dispays and demonstrations.

While the TRC structure is essentially large bamboo portals and infill load-bearing CSEB masonry walls, the TDW structures are bamboo spaceframes with an infill CSEB block masonry. The gaps between the masonry and the bamboo structure are fitted with lightweight plastered split bamboo walling panels. These are also form the walling above the sill high masonry in the first floor of the TRC building. The entire structure is tied and braced, both in the foundation, masonry and bamboo structural sections to counter the seismic forces of this Seismic Zone V region. Large overhangs also ensure that minimal rain splash affects the lower wall portions, ensuring longevity. 

All the buildings are oriented such that their roofs get as much of the southern sun and can be fitted with solar photovoltaic panels in the future.  The buildings follow the contours of the site and avoiding excessive cutting and filling. 


Hybrid Bamboo and CSEB masonry structure


Shillong, Meghalaya


Design : Apr 2019

Construction :

Yet to Start

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