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The village of Myrdon had already partially built an RCC framed structure for a community building and the project had gotten stalled. They invited us to assist them in this project. 

The existing structure had RCC columns, RCC beams and they had even partially done the PCC of the floor. There was a poorly built RCC staircase on one corner.

We introduced a large span (over 45 feet long) truss to cover this structure, forming a gable roof above this existing structure. Three types of Bamboo columns are placed over the first floor columns and most of these directly support the trusses. The columns are encased in column extensions, with reinforcement to anchor them in place.

CSEB masonry infill walls, with GI wire containment reinforcement tied to horizontal tie bands at sill, lintel and the first floor beams, span the gaps between the existing columns. Large bamboo wall panels, with cement plaster over a closely packed split bamboo grid, are housed within these masonry walls. Timber doors and windows are bolted onto these bamboo frame panels and the masonry were possible. 

The building has a series of rooms for the youth club, women's club, the Headman, in addition to green rooms closer to the stage end of the large hall. We have introduced mill waste, in coordination with the headman of Nongbah Myrdon, as an alternative and contrast to the infill cement plastered split bamboo panels. 


Retrofit of existing RCC framed structure, CSEB block masonry and bamboo truss and upper storey columns


Nongbah Myrdon village, Umsning Block, Ri Bhoi District, Meghalaya


Design : May 2017,

Construction : In Progress

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