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A rammed earth structure with a bamboo roof, this twin house in north Bangalore takes inspiration from traditional structures that dot the rural landscape of south Karnataka and incorporates what life would be if one lived under the shade of a tree!

A double trussed bamboo roof spans over 10 metres and dovetails into an elaborate bamboo superstructure. The building itself consists of a single and double storeyed blocks, with the ground floor of the second floor made in stabilised adobe containment masonry. 

Designed and built for the seismic zone 5 that this village of Nongbah Myrdon in Meghalaya finds itself in, this tructure has been built entirely by the livelihood team of F.E.E.D.S (visit for more) 

This gazebo was made using treated dendrocalamus stocksii bamboo from north Karnataka and a local variety of T Oiliveri from North of Bangalore. 

The main structural members are four diagonally laid portals erected in four corners, the bases anchored in reinforced concrete pedestals. Bituminous sheets form the roof covering.

The gazebo serves as a refuge from the elements for those using the central park within this north Bangalore community.

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