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The exercise involved the master planning of the 6 acre farm to determine the various components; the kind of agricultural activity, location of building sites, and most critically the water management which would run all the rest.

The site is extremely rocky and denuded. The slope of the land is gentrly eastward from a western high ground, dotted by various sheet rock patches, and some sparse vegetation. The first exercise was to study the contours, and determine rainwater runoffs and therefore the catchments and potential recharge avenues. The second was to develop a planting plan around these catchments to both rejuvenate the land and to reduce any further soil erosion. It was determined that the primary planting activity would be fruit bearing trees, complimented by intermittent shrubs and herbs, aided by some specific soil engineering.

The buildings for the clients and the farm caretaker were determined after the water and planting plan, taking into consideration the views, security and so on.  


Site planning, Water and planting plan


Rayakotai, Tamil Nadu


Design : Dec 2014

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