A house in compressed stabilised earth blocks (CSEB) and stone masonry that is shaped around a central atrium like space, and accommodates the voracious reading habits of the couple, and their avid film watching and screening.  Reading nooks are integrated in as many areas that allow them to personalise nearly their entire home.

The central atrium creates a ventilation stack and the draft brings in pre-cooled air from over the mini pond to the east. 

Apart from the walls, stabilised adobe blocks are incorporated into the filler slabs over all habitable spaces, and reclaimed timber is used for all the timber used in this spacious three bedder home.

A large terrace spans over the house provides space for a veggie garden that both Vinoo and Lavanya nurture.


CSEB and Stone masonry, Residence


Bangalore, Karnataka


Design : August 2015

Construction : Completed in Feb 2016

Initiative for Green Habitats

No. 105, Coconut Avenue, Utopia Layout, Tarabanahalli, Bangalore - 562157 

Mob: 91-98457 31044


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Lavanya and VInoo Residence - 02